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Organizing a Home Office Easily and Efficiently #10DaysofOrganizing

When it comes down to organizing and cleaning up, my favorite room to clean is my home office! Organizing a home office is actually fun for me when I’m not being lazy.

I’m one of those people that can’t work (or cook) without making sure that everything is its place first, because I know I’m most motivated in a clean, organized environment and any work right after is about to be EPIC!

Don’t believe me? I wrote my apartment decorating eBook AND my created my decorating workshop on my “clean and clear” days. If my office is a mess, I’m basically useless and will sit at my office desk for hours scrolling through Instagram (you’re following me, right?), while complaining about being cold. Then, I’ll go home and complain about how I’m never getting any work done. Yep, I’m THAT person.

 organizing a home office | home organization tips | office organization tips | home office decor From my one desk, three different ways series: the fashionista. Custom hand-beaded pillow from my shop.

(Oh, if you remember that my office was in my dining room, I’ve actually taken my dining room back and moved my office to a spare bedroom in my mom’s house. I definitely needed the extra space for efficiently sewing pillows for my shop.)

So, when my blogging buddies wanted to join together and do an organization series, I already knew what room I was working in, because I knew I needed this motivation to make sure 2017 starts and finishes in an EPIC way.

 organizing a home office | home organization tips | office organization tips | home office decor

Leggo! **let’s go


Home Office: One Desk, 3 Ways. The Fashionista’s Desk

I’m so excited to show you guys the second part of my One Desk, 3 Different Ways series with See Jane Work!

Each day, I’m redecorating my desk area to reflect 3 different people: the blogger (yesterday), the fashionista (today), and the crafter (tomorrow).

fashionista desk

I’m far from a fashionista, but I wanted to share what I think a fashionista’s area could look like. I imagine a spot for books, magazines, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. I can also see really cute decorative accessories and art. On Instagram, I showed some sneak peeks into the fashionista’s desk. Here it is: (more…)

Home Office: One Desk, 3 Ways. The Blogger’s Desk

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a couple of sneak peeks of this project. I had THE MOST fun setting up my office area 3 different ways for this collaboration with See Jane Work. I have been buying their super cute office supplies for a while now! I’m sure you’ve seen them in Office Depot.

blogger desk

See Jane Work sent me some of their fun office supplies to help me show 3 different ways that my office can be setup: for a blogger, for a fashionista, and for a crafter.

Today, I’m showing you the “blogger” setup. (more…)

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