In my 4-week decorating workshop, you’ll start by learning how to space plan your room, so that you’ll know the sizes of furniture you need to get and where to place them. I’ll be available along the way, as you go through the lessons and will even show you how to accessorize your room


Why You Need This Decorating Workshop

You’re unhappy in your home, questioning your decorating decisions, and/or don’t know where to start. You keep asking yourself: “WHY can’t I get this right? You’re frustrated.

Your home is cluttered and unorganized. Your wall color is ugly. Or, boring. Or, too dark. Or, too light.

Your sofa is too small and isn’t large enough to comfortably fit your family. Or, it’s too large and is taking up too much space.

You spend a lot of time walking around your local Hobby Lobby or Home Goods and might even spend a couple hundred dollars there. Now your home is filled with stuff you don’t want, need, or don’t know what to do with.

You need help.

You need me.

Imagine knowing exactly how to pull it all together. Imaging seeing the perfect wall color in your living room and sitting on the best pieces of furniture you can afford. Imaging having your coffee table styled perfectly and having your room be a perfect representation of YOU.

Let’s make it a reality.

eclectic entryway | eclectic hallway

How This Workshop Benefits You

Find your design style

You’ll feel more confident in your paint choices and be able to understand your own design style. Finding the perfect pieces for your home won’t be so intimidating. Picking art and pillows will be fun and you’ll understand the need to choose comfortable textiles & furniture.

Space Planning

You’ll learn how to measure a room to properly space plan for your project. Then, you can grab the right sized furniture and you’ll know exactly to place each piece.

Smarter Shopping

You’ll plan your shopping trips before spending unnecessary money in the home decor stores. And, you’ll only buy decor that you absolutely love, because at this point, you’ll know your design style and what will and will not work in your home.

Pulling it all together

You’ll know how to pull it all together to have a beautiful, yet functional, space. Your color scheme, textiles, home accessories, and furniture will work in harmony. You’ll love your home so much, that there will be no other place you’d like rather be.

eclectic entryway | eclectic hallway

How the “Love Your Home” Workshop Works

Each week of the workshop, I’ll walk you through my decorating process in different ways, like…

  • Prerecorded videos
  • Quick private shopping videos
  • Worksheets
  • Group chats via FB or Instagram

blue transitional dining room


Workshop Timeline

Week 1: Project Assessment & Space Planning

Week 2: Designing the Room

Week 3: Purchasing

Week 4: Pulling it All Together

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