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  1. These some incredible tips! Thanks. Especially for my future apartment πŸ™‚ I love the idea of mirrors and pairing neutral, warm colors together. My favorite tip is not using too much color in 1 room,thats so true as its not easy on the eye. I currently live in a small space so I’ll be using your advice to declutter as well. Love the photo illustrations as they give me great ideas about what I want to achieve.

    • Yvonne,
      Thanks for commenting!! Another suggestion for small spaces is going with a monochromatic color scheme (using the same hue in different shades). So if you like blue, you can use a deep dark blue as an accent color, a lighter blue for paint on the wall, a lighter (almost gray) blue for your upholstery, and other shades of blue in your accessories and pillows.

    • Tidy-Up Gal,
      I’m also one that could benefit from this tip. Although I’m not sure if I can move from the convenience of my bed. But, for people that doesn’t like to work in bed or need the workspace, this is great to have that space next to your bed as the desk/nightstand. It could possibly help someone with clutter, too, because no one wants to sleep next to a desk cluttered in paper!!!

  2. These are great tips! I’ve actually just bookmarked this page. I live in a veritable shoebox with 4 people, love to decorate, but find that our space never looks better. Now I have some go-to ideas. Thank you!

    • Hi Nikki,
      Thanks for visiting The Decor Chronicles! I’m glad that you’ve found these tips useful; be sure to let me know when you make some changes to your space!


  3. I love the parallel furniture for my home because our living room is small it still gives the feel of a conversation setup, while being able to enjoy TV

    • Katrina!
      Thanks for dropping by! I agree, I also love the parallel layout. I’m sure this layout would especially be great for women (or men) that host book clubs in their home!

      By the way, I LOVE your blog!


  4. I really like the boxed shape furniture and arrangement as it gives more of a family feel, when I have family and friends over I usually rearrange my common area like this adding a few temp pieces from other rooms. Granted my furniture is never that nice πŸ˜‰

    • Anni!
      I definitely agree with you about the boxed shape layout, there IS a sense of family and fun with that arrangement. Great idea bringing other pieces of furniture to your living space to make room for other pieces!

      If you’re looking for advice on anything decor related, or if you need me to help you find something new, email me!! I’d love to help!


    • Hey Jennifer,
      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve been on your website and loved it. I don’t see many bloggers from Louisiana, so I think I got a bit excited! Hehe


    • I’m glad you like! I’m already looking forward to next month’s roundtable. Stay tuned and feel free to participate in the conversation by askings questions, providing personal insight, etc…

  5. I’m surprised no one mentioned black and white as a “timeless” color scheme. It’s by far my favorite color scheme, because it is indeed “timeless” and it goes with most accent colors. If a client wants a pop, or pops, of color, it’s very easy to integrate another hue with rugs, pillows, and other accessories!

    • I actually mentioned it as a trend, rather than a scheme I feel is timeless…. I think it’s an enduringly dramatic scheme, but I there are times when people are looking more towards the comfort and coziness of subdued earth tones… (I just saw some great examples of this on Adam’s web site!)

    • Well I think they’re pretty ubiquitous these days, but there’s definitely a difference between the seasonal, or warmer weather, iterations that have been a part of the design landscape for a long time and what I think of as the more recent northern Pacific influences, with its rocky landscapes (more grays) and cooler, deeper, more vivid ocean hues [A good example is this really beautiful vase from Arteriors Home. ]

      Whereas the former might present as a bit “beachy”, I think the latter expression of coastal influences can work very well in almost any environment.

    • Victoria,
      That’s so exciting! I really can’t wait to see what you come up with! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, and I’ll put it in our next designer roundtable!

  6. Regarding the question about what colors are a definite no-no to combine when decorating. Susan mentioned pink and purple. I can definitely see how this can be seen as a “easter” scheme, but the colors also work well in a kids room. One of my favorite color schemes is to use a deep plum with a blush pink! Does anyone agree?

  7. This post really made me smile! Do you have posts like this for bedrooms? I have really been looking at changing my room around and need ideas!

    • Hey Gabs!
      Thanks for taking a look at the blog! I’ll probably be doing a color post for bedrooms soon enough. You can check out my services page if you’d like to hire me as a decorator or if you have a specific question. I’d love to answer them for you about your bedroom. How about sending me pics?


  8. I think this is a beautiful room, it would not ‘fit’ in my home and all my kids are grown, plus they are boys. LOL
    However, I always wanted a pink fancy nursery. I love the dresser and would use it myself.
    Spatulas On Parade

    • Thanks Dawn!
      For me, it’s important to use furniture in a nursery that would grow not just with the child, but with the “family”. Meaning, the pieces could be moved anywhere around the house, not just a little toddler or teen’s room. So, when designing nurseries, I’m looking for furniture that fits the bill, gender neutral (for the most part) and “family” friendly.


  9. I think you did a great job! I especially love the bed sheets and the silver colored pillow helps bring out her accessories. It’s a nice splash of glam that’s not overpowering.

  10. Never knew a manatee could be so inspiring -but then again, sailors did confuse them with the most beautiful(?) imaginary seacreatures of all time -mermaids! lol

    The picture looks so heavenly though, and your mood board is great! Again, the bedding is fab and I love the colors. I think my favorite item in here is actually the multicolored pillow. Great post!
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    • Thanks Lorelai!!! Scanning your sketches on your computer, let’s you have them for later. So, if you add notes that you don’t need later, you can always print out an extra copy of the sketches that you scanned before adding the notes.


    • Thanks Kristen! πŸ™‚ I don’t think that there’s a right or wrong way to actually take the measurement, but I do find that this is an easier, more efficient way to get a workable sketch/floor plan. Let me know if you need any help with any of it!


    • Lol, Dawn! I use to do that, too, but trust me, by having a sketch with the measurements on it, you’ll won’t have to move furniture aimlessly around a room again.


  11. That’s the one thing I hate measuring I get a man to do it or it won’t get done lol. Great tips maybe if I measured more my house would be decorated but alas its not

    • πŸ™‚ Kita, it’s really easy if you have someone to help you! You can even do it in stages. You can do the quick sketch one day. And then start the measuring when you get someone to help you!


  12. Whitney, these are some very inspired ideas and pictures of small, yet stricking (and useful) spaces. Thanks for sharing the tips, links and resources. Love seeing the bold use of paint color too. Small doesn’t have to be drab in anyway πŸ™‚

  13. I honestly never thought to actually draw a sketch of the room and then measure everything. When we moved into the place we are in right now, I did some extreme guessing. It worked in the long run, but you are right, if the room was much larger, I could have ended up needing to return things because something didn’t fit. I shared this on Pinterest with Twitter for you! I’m sure I will need this reminder in the future! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for sharing Brittnei! I really appreciate it! I’m glad I could inspire your next project, and you’re right, guessing (and trial & error) could work for small rooms, but larger rooms need a bit more planning. I could tell you from experience, though, that measuring could even same time for your smaller rooms.

      Another thing you could do is measure ALL your rooms a little at a time when you don’t have decorating plans. This way you can store your sketches for the time when you are ready to decorate.


  14. Incredible post!!! You have given your readers great facts on the space measuring. As many people neglect this aspect of measuring and when it comes to store some new things they get into trouble. But your tips gonna really helpful for everyone. I am also inspired by you so much and I will use all your tips in my office decoration project.
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  15. You have a wonderful blog!! I’m your newest Bloglovin follower from the β€œLovelyβ€œ blog hop – this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:
    PS – I would also like to invite you to a networking blog hop that lasts 1 month long: β€œThe Chain Linky CLIMB” currently live on my blog– Thank you!
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  16. Do they need the end table? I would get rid of the end table and push the bed over a little more so there is more room to open the dressers and use the dresser as an end table put a lamp on that. Don’t mind me though I am no decorator on any skill level lol.
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  17. Hi Whitney, having looked at the four options you posted, may I make a suggestion. I would get rid of the dresser, and rather place a shelf below the mirror. since there is a closet, I’m assuming the room doesn’t necessarily need the drawers.

    • That’s a good suggestion! My client really wants the dresser since it has been handed down from her grandmother. She doesn’t know how old it it, but it means a lot to her. She painted it herself (it still needs some work), so she wants to make sure it’s part of the design. Also, the closet is rather small, and since she shares the room with her husband, some sort of drawers are definitely needed in the room to maximize storage.


  18. What can I say? You did an amazing amount of work went into this post, and you have done more work than I ever dreamed of doing. We have recently had to maximize space in our small bedrooms, and I was amazed at what some simple changes did. I doubt I would go to all this work because I am not much of an artist, and there weren’t a lot of options, but I’ve got to hand it to you!
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    • Thanks Ruth! I really appreciate the comments, how sweet! I work hard on my space planning layouts for clients, because creating a new space plan can make the biggest impact in a space. I also have a lot of fun figuring out the different options to present to clients.


  19. Reading your post makes me feel like I’m in HGTV and that old Designer’s Challenge show. Love your layouts. I liked Option 1 and 4. Since the space is small, I assume extra storage space is important. 4 is my favorite, with a space that small, I can’t see adding seating. Personally I would feel cramped to lounge about the space (not in bed). The bookcases and shelves would be a good add and a large mirror might make the space look larger.
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  20. We have one room in particular that just doesn’t work no matter how many ways I try the furniture. Great post – I have some encouragement to keep at it till I get it just right for our needs.

  21. How about a over the bed shelf on wheels, no end table. I mean these big ones which go from one side over the other, so you can push it at the foot end and watch tv, pull it closer and use it as a desk to write on it or push it in the room to use as a table…
    Is there an option to put hanging shelves inside the closet to get rid of that dresser or as mentioned above use the dresser as nightstand.
    Sandra recently posted…Wednesday#2My Profile

    • Sandra,
      These are all amazing ideas! I haven’t seen the over the bed shelf in a long time, so I’ve forgotten about it. I’m definitely going to look for one to add as an option to my client. Thanks!


  22. I think I like option 3 best, though it does remove a lot of the open floor space. However, it seems to be the one that best fits the furniture needed in the small area.

    Our bedroom has furniture that is way too large for it, so we have had to move things around a couple times to get the most out of the space we have.
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    • Kecia,
      Thanks for stopping by. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all bought our furniture after we had the home? That way we could make sure all our pieces would fit and we can space plan beforehand.


  23. Great plans! Very creative. When we are out serving, there are 8 of us in a motorhome…wish you could create more space in there for us!!! Many blessings to you.

    • Brian,
      Thanks for stopping by! That’s a wonderful idea, I wish I had such a blessed oportunity to help you guys out with space in a shared motorhome. I want nothing more than our service men and women to be as comfortable as possible.


    • Michelle,
      Thanks for dropping by! I completely understand, I have to have symmetry, too!! But, sometimes with small spaces we have to try and forget what our mind tells us, lol.


    • Thanks Erin! I usually don’t like the bed under the window (personally, since I’m scared to sleep under a window), but I do think that it works for my client.


  24. I say option 4.

    Here is a suggestion. (I hope I am not stepping on your toes.). Sometimes with small spaces, we need to think outside the box. If she wants to keep the dresser, she could try repurposing it for some other function…entertainment center, behind the sofa as a sofa table, at the entry for a landing zone for keys might be some alternative uses. By moving the large dresser out of the bedroom that frees up a lot of floor space in a small room.

    Some storage ideas for the bedroom could be a smaller scale dresser. But, I actually like the idea of using drawers under the bed for the needed bedroom storage. They could even build up the bed using multiple, two drawer units stacked. They might be able to find a cabinet maker willing to construct these, or even retrofit something from Ikea.

    Great job inspiring your clients!
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  25. I love the 4th option best of all. I don’t like my bed stuck in the corner…but I’m OCD and always rearranging so id change it up every few months or maybe weeks…lol

  26. All of your recommendations are good common sense tips. No one wants to feel cramped in their personal space so I love the way you offered alternate layouts for the space. For me, I love to follow Feng Shui when arranging a room.

  27. This a great way to think of how to rearrange rooms. I don’t need it but my son’s family does. Two girls share a room. They are try to get one out of a crib but are not sure how to set up the room after that. I think some graph paper and drawings will really help them think it out. Thank you for the idea of drawing it out instead of just moving the furniture or talking about it.
    Peggy recently posted…Share Your World – 2013 Week 31My Profile

    • Hey Norma,
      I completely agree with you about laying out a room being an art. It’s definitely an art to me. The funny thing is while I came up with these four options, another designer can come up with four more depending on his/her style, expertise, and budget. The sky is the limit when trying to maximize space. There’s space saving furniture and other solutions I could have used if the budget would have allowed it.


    • Thanks a lot. I get that a lot from people. They want to “see” it instead of someone trying to just explain it to them. I try to be that person that can show better than tell. I hope my clients receive it the way you have.


    • Lynnette,
      You need to get with me if you’re having space issues. I love working with small spaces. City living is awesome, but you have to give up space. πŸ™


  28. i tried to have my boys share a room but htey just would not go to sleep, too young i guess lol. Thankfully we found something larger for just a small amount more money so we got really lucky. we also live in an apartment that is uber expensive compared to most places in the world… in Vancouver bc so i pay rent on this when i could be paying rent on a house somewhere i bet lol

    • Yes, sometimes it’s not feasible for two people to share a room. Understandable when they’re babies, so it was wise of you get a place that provided a comfortable space for your boys.


  29. I like #3. We are in the middle of rearranging my son’s room for his big boy bed while keeping the crib for baby #2 due in December. Only 1 configuration really works so far based on how big that darn corvette bed is my husband insists our toddler needs. Do men ever grow up πŸ™‚ Your plans are making me think through it more. Great post.
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  30. great post. My second bedroom is shared with my craft room. It is a daybed of sorts (well all the left of the daybed which is the trundle portion). since I do not have company (any company is my relatives and they stay with my parents when they come), so the bed can come down so I can have a full craft room, but that is subject for debate.
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    • Hey Patrice,
      A past was having a hard time removing her twin guest bed out of her office, but it was taking up too much space. She swore that she would never have any company so I convinced her to remove the bed and get really good full/queen air mattress that can be set in the “office” if guests happen to arrive one day. Her desk can easily swivel to a wall and out the way making enough room for the bed. You should think about it.


  31. These are all great ideas! I think I would choose #3 if it were my room. Regardless, I am generally not good at coming up with ideas like this, so I found the whole post fascinating! We’re moving in a couple of weeks, so I’ll have to check out more of your site for tips! πŸ™‚
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    • Emilee!
      Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment. I would love for you to drop by again. If you have any specific questions be sure to drop by my Ask Whitney J page and you can ask me anything!


  32. Now this is something I could have used a few months ago when I was buying furniture for my youngest son’s room. However, you still have some good spacing tips. His room seems to be the smallest in the house but I want him to have enough space in his room so he doesn’t feel the need to be all over the house making a “space” for himself. I am thinking about repositioning the bed, as your post suggested, to give the room the appearance of being bigger. I love the post.
    Ms. Nix recently posted…PoliTalk: Mass Shootings – Is America Desensitized to Violence?My Profile

    • Hey Ms. Nix!
      Let me know if you need help with it. You may want to look into the loft beds. They work great in kids’ rooms and help maximize space in small bedrooms. I would love to help you find one that works for you!


    • Sandra,
      Having a comfortable bedroom to dress and move around in is very important for me. I always try to maximize space in small bedrooms to give them “free space” as an option. Thanks for dropping by!


    • LOL! I would love to help!!! Where are you located? If you are outside of New Orleans, unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to come over but I can definitely look at your space and let you know some options you may take. Or, you can hire me for the E-Design of your bedroom. πŸ™‚ Either way, shoot me an email at hello[at]whitneyjdecor[dot]com.


  33. I remember sharing a room with my sister growing up. Our room was small, which made it even worse. Have you seen the headboard decals available online. That might be another option for you to consider. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my table. Hope you have a great weekend.

    • Kristen, LOL! I can understand that. But, there could be another solution, you can still go with a rectangular that scoots up to the toilet (if that works).


  34. Oh my heavens YES. All of these things! Haha. Especially the faux flowers! I absolutely loathe fake flowers. Yuck. I’m a little iffy on the toilet rug one though, gotta be honest. I have a really awesome one from Bed Bath and Beyond…not one of those yucky carpet-y ones. It’s like walking on a cloud! Plus our toilet is right by the tub so it’s nice to step onto a rug and not the cold tile!
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  35. Lawd I am guilty of the first one I have them throughout all 3 of my toilets lol. I am no decorator actually my hubs does a better job so I leave him to it. I do have to do something with all these chords hanging around.
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  36. I agree with it all! I pretty much always have a tape measure with me because furniture that looks like the perfect fit in a warehouse type setting can overpower a smaller space inside the home.

    I read a great blog post the other day stating how the author got rid of all of her fake plastic fall decorations and went outside and brought nature inside. There is nothing I hate worse than fake flowers!

    Great list! Thanks for sharing!

    • I keep a tape measure on me always, too, Alli!! You never know when you’ll find that “perfect” piece, so you have to make sure it’ll fit in the area you’re working with.


    • Hey Sam!
      I hope you don’t think I’m trying to make you feel bad, I’m not. πŸ™

      Toilet bath rugs are dated decor (my opinion). If you love your bathroom with your toilet rug, then that’s great. It’s really your choice, because you want your spaces to be comfortable for you! Many times, when people are updating their bathroom, the toilet rugs are the first to go, it definitely makes a room feel more updated.


    • Thanks Amy!! Many “rules” can definitely be broken. Do what’s best for your space and what makes you comfortable. These tips are meant to be guidelines! Let me know if you need any decorating help!


  37. I agree with everything but would make it a list of 13. Adding that furniture on an angle has to go, putting bedroom furniture in front of a window because you insist on owing a 200 year old house AND a california king bed, and the last thing is to stop puddling your drapes.

    Great post as always.

    • Given,
      It’s funny that you mention the furniture on an angle, because I just saw a photo of a living room on Houzz with the sofa on an angle. I usually hate the look (just a personal opinion), but this living room on Houzz was beautiful. Thanks for the extra “no-nos”!


  38. I would love to create a separate budget toward home decor. It’s almost been a whole year since I’ve moved into my new place and decorating has been on the back burner. Visiting your site is making me want to jump back into spending more time personalizing my home.

  39. EVERYTHING about this post is so me! I love the classy colors. A vintage chandelier piece was my main inspiration for the Victorian style theme I wanted to create in my room but once we actually moved in (apartment) I realized there was a huge ceiling fan taking the place of where I wanted to place my chandelier. I suppose I can place it elsewhere but the ceiling fan takes away from the decor a little and I can’t remove it. Any suggestions?

    • Miss Daja,
      In the last apartment I lived in, I had a hideous ceiling light. I asked my landlord if I could change it to something that looked a bit better, and he told me YES and even changed it for me himself (I had to buy it, of course, and I even had to get someone to change it back when I moved). Maybe you can try this in your place?

    • LOL, thanks for vising Miss Daja! Although, I really do believe in these decor rules, I was hoping people found humor in them. I didn’t want to offend anyone, so I’m glad you laughed! πŸ™‚


  40. I like the idea of changing out the shower curtains so things stay interesting. I am going to look for ones that are easy to get on and off. Great ideas.

    • Yes, I always keep all my shower curtains that I buy. That way I can switch them out every now and then. Recently I bought a new one. I love it! But, I also love the one that’s up now. They have the same color scheme, so I’ll probably switch back and forth between these every couple of weeks. Trust me, a fresh look boosts your mood. I’m actually considering buying a solid color shower curtain to give me another one to add to my revolving door of shower curtains. πŸ™‚


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  42. ooooh I’ve always wanted to get some of these. I guess I’ll put them on my list. I remember seeing a video on these, people pay a ton for someone to design them in the bigger glass containers they are so pretty and peaceful looking.

    • Hey Elle!
      Thanks for visiting! Just from the last couple of days of playing around with these succulents, I’ve become less intimidated by them. I actually know first hand (now I do) how easy it is to do this yourself. Try it out: get a nice vase, good soil (ask your garden center), some succulents, and arrange to your heart’s content. It would be really cool if you got some green moss to add to the top of your soil.


  43. Aw dang! We totally just did a strip chalkboard wall! It’s so darn cute though. I’m glad we didn’t do an entire wall. I had all these plans to draw cool stuff and didn’t haha. I did however find a Chevron Headboard that I’m getting for my room! I agree with sunburst mirrors I’ve never been aa fan. I’m super wierd about mirrors mine have to look a certain way.
    Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) recently posted…Tuna KebabsMy Profile

    • Girl, I love chalkboard walls! This is why I love to get guest bloggers on my page, so that readers can see the different opinions that other designers/bloggers/diy-ers have.

      I also really love chevrons and sunburst mirrors! HA


    • Thank you, Judy! You are so right; proper insulation is a very important way to save energy and money in a home.

      Thanks for stopping by!


    • Hi Susan!
      I’m not sure of the exact color, but I found some that are similar. Try these: Sherwin Williams 7037 Balanced Beige, Behr Marquee MQ2-55 Park Avenue, & Benjamin Moore OC-16 Cedar Key.

      Hope this helps!


  44. I’m in love with the footed brass urn! And brass is so trendy right now. That stone vase would be left as is. I love the rustic look and it would be perfect as part of a Thanksgiving Day tablescape. πŸ™‚

    I’m so looking forward to seeing what you do with that cart. And the monkey is just adorable. Great finds!!
    Alli recently posted…10 Christmas Gifts for Kids With EverythingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Alli!!

      I never thought about using the vase as is, but as I look at it a bit closer, it’s just a tad bit to beat up and dirty. Maybe I’ll try and clean it up a bit and see how I like it. Thanks for the idea!

    • Thanks, Alli! I wish I hadn’t drawn on the lips with a marker first. I drew them to high up on the pineapple which is why I had to place the cartoon lips so far up on it. Other than that, I still love it.

    • Most definitely, Shirley. Doesn’t projects seem so much better when you can use items that you already have on hand, instead of going to a store to purchase stuff?

  45. Great tips! I have a smaller kitchen as well. We joke and say we have a Sam’s Club family and a mini Mart Kitchen! Mrs. Tasha looks lovely. πŸ™‚

  46. Love your ideas! It’s weird to think about, but painting a wall a dark color does make a small room feel bigger. Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint makes? Can’t wait to see the finished design!
    Maggie recently posted…15 More Kitchen HacksMy Profile

  47. These are all wonderful ideas! I really love the pops of pink in the first photo, even on the ceiling. I’m not afraid of color at all, but I like what you said about limiting color to 4 colors, with 2 of them being neutrals.

    I like to change out my pillows to match the season so I buy pillow covers. I can just zip them on and off and it’s usually much cheaper.

    Great tips! Pinning!
    Alli recently posted…5 Tips to Living LongerMy Profile

  48. We are actually still in the process of updating both our living room and our den. We started the project late last summer. We repainted the entire house inside and replaced all of our flooring. I am eventually going to put it all on the blog. It is a slow process now of adding in the colors with rugs, pillows and art. I hope to recover the pillows we have myself and am ready to start thinking about which fabric to use.
    Pinning this beautiful post to my Around the House board.
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  49. I love this advice! Unfortunately I’m sharing my work space with a 8 and 6 year old. I have limited storage but It helps me to toss things I don’t really need. I could definitely use a plant or two as well! #blmgirls

  50. I have a list dedicated to decorating my office space and as soon as I saw that first photo you have I knew I would enjoy this post πŸ™‚ I have been fixing up and decorating my office area in my living room. My issue is keeping my desk clear! It’s a hot mess. Great tips and I love the filing cabinet and chair you have in your collage! I have a very similar desk, it’s just not a glass top, but that one is gorgeous! #blmgirls
    Britney recently posted…5 Favorites Friday {Winter Coat Styles}My Profile

  51. I really enjoyed this post because I’m redesigning my office space this year as well. Our second bedroom serves as my office space, my video recording space, and my husband also keeps his clothing in that room’s closet. So it is a lot going on there. One space saver is our futon. And I also have a vintage vanity that I use as a desk and space to record (and get cute). #BLMGirls
    Jonna recently posted…What to Wear with a Burgundy Tote | Winter LookbookMy Profile

    • I hate carpet, too, GiGi! Can’t wait to get out of my poor, sad apartment to look for something with hardwood (real or nah)! Let me know if you need help finding a rug.

  52. Just dropping by from Taryn’s linky. I LOVE your work! I do like me a black wall – I painted one in our guest room and I’m planning on more in our hallway. I also made my own Song Lyric Canvas. Great minds think alike πŸ™‚

  53. Love the ideas you have in place for your living room, Whitney. Excited to see it all come together. Can’t wait to see your Home Depot Patio Challenge reveal too! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comment.

  54. You know what, at first thought, I didn’t know if I would like black walls or not, but I LOVE how yours turned out! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again this Friday! Feel free to bring a friend πŸ™‚

  55. I was tickled pink over your transformation.. So much creativity flowing through! The U.S. elf the hats really was a fun surprise .. Everything looks just wonderful – I’m sure your mom is totally pleased.. Kudos and a high five to you!

  56. Haha…isn’t funny how falls always feel like slow motion? Glad you made it! Rug pads are a must. My husband isn’t a fan of rugs in the kitchen, even with rug pads, so I haven’t been able to win the battle on having a kitchen rug. Thanks for posting!

  57. I haven’t quite had this happened to me but I do have problems with my rugs “walking” especially under my dining room table. I need to remember this. Thanks for linking up on #HomeMattersParty Looking forward to seeing what you link up next week.
    Melissa Vera recently posted…Kitten Surprise and A ContestMy Profile

  58. I. Love. It. All the details are juicy!!
    The cow print, beaded pillows, the 2 side chairs, the arrangements n the shelving unit. I could go on and on. Great job!

  59. Hey Whitney! I love your space. The room is reflection of your own personal style which I adore. All of your elements came together to create a room you love. PS The link to your Etsy shop isn’t working. Is the beaded pillow from your shop from there as well?

  60. Wow…how beautiful is your living room space. I love the pieces you chose to decorate. The beaded scones thingie with the cow in the middle is just amazing! Wall frames and all, everything is truly beautiful. The best part is, even though it is so well decorated, it is not cluttered!
    Zan recently posted…Cran-Orange Scones with Orange DrizzleMy Profile

    • Katrina,
      Thanks so much, Katrina! I have a bottom shelf on my side table and the wicker truck under my wall shelves hold a lot of things, too. I make use of every surface in here.

  61. ok, I’m in. I need to organize a desk/office space. I am a product junkie with lots of hair products. Any ideas will be appreciated

  62. A concrete shelf?
    I can’t wait!!! I also have a small bathroom with no storage except for medicine cabinet but we’re not allowed to make any permanent modifications so I’m saving my money and searching for “Renters Solutions” on improving my space…

    • Thanks for dropping in, Evie!!

      I replaced my medicine cabinet with a regular mirror. It took away a bit of storage, but I found a way around it. Removing the medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be permanent, just hide it away until you get ready to move. Then, you can install a another mirror of your choice.

      I share a lot of solutions for renters, as I am a renter to. Have a look around!


  63. I’m in……I need motivation to get started, I have trouble just get ting rid of things or finding a place for things…..

    • Thank you, Kimberly! Glad to have you in the challenge. And, you’re right around the corner from me, how cool! Love meeting other local (close enough) bloggers.


  64. I am actually accomplishing way more organization than I anticipated! The refrigerator, pantry and cabinets look so much better!! Thanks for the motivation to get it done! πŸ™‚

  65. Love it! So many different elements that all works so well together. Love the shelving above the TV and the orange chairs!

  66. Omg. Love! Had to come peek at the living room after your Periscope. I’ve been dreaming about a gallery wall, and I some of your wall art has definitely inspired me. Plus, I love that it’s an apartment/small space like mine. Thanks for sharing!

    Ade | She Be Knowin

    • Thank you for dropping in, Ade! And, your sweet comments. I love my apartment so much better now. I’m going to share a before/after soon. I was hoping someone came by from Periscope! Now I know you guys were listening.


  67. Decorating small homes isn’t a big deal but the space planning is daunting. You don’t get to plan much and you always miss out a lot of things while focusing more on decoration. It would be a plus point if you share some space planning ideas too πŸ™‚

    • Hi Algedra!!

      I share a lot of space planning tips on the blog. Search “space planning” in the sidebar. Also, if you sign up for my email list (at the top of the page), you’ll get my space planning ebook for free!


  68. Your living room is eclectically amazing. Love it…! It definitely looks so cozy. I also live in a one bedroom apartment so I know the challenges. I have started en route to minimalistic living and so my home is about to get a face lift. πŸ™‚

  69. I have wanted to hold a yardsale, too. But I usually think of it after I have given my stuff away to the donation. I usually call a truck to pick them up. Or I give stuff away on Craigslist. I have some stuff in my garage and I have been contemplating doing a garage sale. Hubby does not think we have enough items, though.
    zan recently posted…Nautical Table Setting – Casual EntertainingMy Profile

  70. I’m definitely in the market to update my pillows, but first I think I’m gonna paint the walls a shade of white. That will help with the pillow choices. I currently have the neutral scheme so I need to move away from that. Maybe a mixed floral with something fun. Thanks for some ideas!

  71. Love this article- all SO true! Also- been struggling to find the perfect clean light grey/greige and hopefully Irish Mist is it- LOVE how it turned out for you! Such a fresh, sophisticated update- amazing how much paint can lend or take away if you don’t know what you’re doing.

  72. The design of your apartment is stunning! It all looks beautiful and really stylish! I also like living in small places. The house I live in is small and I made sure that everything is really made convenient and the furniture is easy to clean! I love the cow painting! The colors are gorgeous and the piece fits perfectly with the rest of the stuff. I’m also interested in knowing more about this rug! I am looking for this kind of rug for a while now.. You say that it is made out of wool and it is easy to clean which is exactly what I want from a rug! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  73. Great tips, Whitney! In the past I used to see a color I loved online, then head out a buy a gallon of paint. Once I got in on the walls it would read so differently. I’m much wiser now and always spend a few dollars on the samples first. LOL!

    • Yes, Brandi!! I love using unconventional ways to be inspired by color, but sometimes those colors won’t work in our spaces. It’s so much easier to just buy those samples first.

  74. Love this and definitely 100% better!
    Hope your super proud of yourself!
    I’d probably see liners in the basket (if I knew how!) as I like less clutter but my friends like that look- it inspires them.
    Well done you! You’ve inspired me to have a good old sort through too πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Zoe!! Having the baskets are definitely inspiring for design projects, I can simple see what the fabrics from the outside. And, it’s so great with a fabric “jumps out at me” and can be the starting point for a color scheme. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Yes, so much better! But, to be honest, I’m still doing some work on the sofa, I guess my body has to get used to being back at a desk. But, at least I still have an organized place to keep all my files and daily tasks sheets. Don’t have to drag them in my living room as before!

    • Hey Jacqulyn! Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s 100% better to work here than before. I know where everything is and it just looks a whole lot prettier. Thanks for dropping by! Good luck with your craft room!

  75. You knocked it out of the park. Talk about living up to the Organized Living challenge. I’m impressed. And, I think fabric liners would be a nice touch. Something with black would calm all of the fabric color swatches down a bit. Beautiful office.

    • Thanks, Mary! I was initially thinking the same thing about the fabric liners, but now I’m thinking about going with a very light, white linen. I thought I would be okay with seeing the fabrics all the time, but now they’re starting to irk me a bit! Thanks for dropping by!

    • Thank you, April! A well-organized home office certainly motivates you to get more work done, so I’m glad to have been able to redo my space! Thanks for dropping in!

    • Thanks so much, Reelika! It was so hard getting good photos, because the lighting in my apartment is pretty bad. But, nothing my umbrella lights couldn’t help out with! Thanks for dropping by!

  76. Looks so great! I love the decorations! I wish I could do stuff like that…I just have no decorating sense whatsoever. I live for functional but when it comes time to make something pretty? No clues! It basically looks like a college radio DJ and a college gamer live at my house, lol. And both of those imaginary people are boys.
    Jebbica recently posted…Food & Fitness Friday: 09-25-2015My Profile

    • Thank you so much, Grace! I love my new space and always look forward to working in it! There are ways to make your area work for you. Even though you’re in a small spot in your living room, you can use the wall space above your computer desk or even build a small 4′ system similar to mine with the FreedomRail components. If you need some help brainstorming, let me know! Thanks for dropping by!

  77. Wow you really transformed that space. I love everything about it. What a difference. I am an organized person to a fault and so things like this, excite me, lol. You have so many clever little ideas to make this space your own and to show your personality. And yes, I would use the FreedomRail system.

    • Awesome! What I love most about the FreedomRail system is the versatility. I love that I can switch things without having to actually make additional holes in the wall. Just rearrange the components that I already have or buy more to add to the system. Easy peasy. Thank you so much for dropping by!

  78. Your home office is my office goals.I’m moving out with my other half in a month and the first thing I want to do is decorate my home office yes not the bedroom bathroom or kitchen my home office lol thanks for the good pointers.I’m going to pin this so I can look back and figure it out thanks.

    • I can definitely understand wanting to start with your home office. I mean, it’s the room I spend the most time in, so I had to make sure it was comfy and organized! Thanks for pinning this post!

  79. Love what you’ve done the to space! Now as I am looking around me I realized the time has come for me to attack my living space. And I mean, attack! So much stuff needs to go, so much to declutter! I am bookmarking your 10 Days to an Organized Home, and starting now! Thank you for giving me a gentle push πŸ™‚
    Lana recently posted…Cinnamon, Nut and Raisin Roll.My Profile

  80. That looks fantastic! My son recently left for college and I’ve got my eyes on his room for my office πŸ™‚ I’ll be remembering some of your ideas! I really like the wire drawers, the plants, and the furs…. Thanks for sharing!

  81. It’s crazy that we let things get so cluttered, but I think you have to get to that point and then do that complete makeover like you did to know what you need and where to put stuff. You office is amazing.

  82. I love your redesign and although I can’t use it in my current apartment, you’ve given me a few ideas for things I do need to do. I love the baskets without lining; gives it a more industrial feel, I think. Excellent blend of color, space use, design and personal flare! Thank you for sharing! πŸ™‚

  83. Can you give the details on the shelving unit in your living room, Whitney? I think something similar will work in my apartment! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Allison! Yes, I used the Rubbermaid tracks, brackets, and shelves from Home Depot. It’s super easy to install. I’ll do a tutorial soon, so make sure you stop on by again.