If you live in an apartment, you probably suffer with a boring space with no style or personality.

Another common issue in rentals is the lack of storage, since most apartment dwellers live in small spaces.

You shouldn’t have to live ANYWHERE and not be comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to live in your apartment for 1 years or 4, there are updates you can do to show off your style without breaking the bank.

Let me show you how.


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In the apartment decorating guide, you’ll read about:

  • My favorite paint colors to use in rentals
  • Other options if you can’t paint
  • Updating ugly fixtures
  • How to ensure you get your deposit back
  • Space planning
  • Storage solutions
  • Having a well-lit apartment
  • Using bold color in apartments
  • Accessorizing
  • and more

Here’s what the cool folk said about the apartment decorating guide:

This book has been absolutely a great resource for me! I often help my friends who live in apartments design their spaces and it has been a great guide for me. This book has helped me to think outside the box and has shown me that renting does not equal design limitations! I would suggest this book to everybody, even if you aren’t apartment living, her ideas are great for any space! – Alaya

I absolutely loved this e-book. As someone who has lived in multiple apartments, I definitely wish I had these tips on had to help navigate the entire process. Two thumbs up! – Erin

As a current renter and someone who’s rented both apartments and homes across the country, I think this e-book is a must have! This book gives clear and practical advice on everything from affordable design solutions to tips on what you can do to ensure you get your deposit back! I highly recommend it! – Linda

THANK YOU Whitney for this awesome guide!! It has completely changed the way I feel about renting! I am able to visualize all the possibilities of making my apartment my own! – Carli