I LOVE a home that smells good. I’m a candle hoarder and light candles all the time. I love fresh, highly fragrant scents as soon as I wake up (when I’m cleaning), and a soft, floral scent a couple hours before I go to bed.

So, since I burn candles often, I obviously like to use a natural wax, like soy. I used to make and sell candles a long time ago, so I have a lot of experience with different waxes, scents, and formulas.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

Chesapeake Bay Candle sent me four highly scented soy candles in beautiful containers to review. Being a designer, and lover of fancy packaging, I love when a product’s container can be reused for cute storage. Once I’ve finished burning these candles, I’ll clean the jars and use them to plant succulents and other plants. I’ve already tried taking the clear package labels off and they were coming off easily with no residue.