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A Total Transformation: Gorgeous, Eclectic Dining Room Reveal

These past couple of months, I’ve been swamped with client projects and pillows, but I have a lot on the way for the blog. I’m so excited to finally reveal photos of my recent eclectic dining room project that I’ve been working on for over a year!

The before photo is a bit sad:

eclectic dining room transformation

To transform this room, we changed from carpet to slate floors, removed wallpaper, painted the walls, installed custom draperies, changed lighting, and brought in some gorgeous furniture, art, and accessories.

Here’s what the room looks like now:

eclectic dining room transformation

Painting the walls black and white was the jumping off point for this entire space. The carpet was replaced for these beautiful charcoal slate floors and is probably the update in the room that is my favorite. The black Restoration Hardware table pulls the black from the wall and into the room. It has an extension leaf to seat 10 people. I installed the mirrors to help reflect light around the room. They were in another part of my client’s home, but we felt like would be a better fit in the dining room. (more…)

The Easy Guide to Decorating a Rental Apartment

I finally launched my 30+ page eBook, the Easy Guide to Decorating a Rental Apartment. If you rent and want a fabulous space without spending all your money or losing your deposit, you definitely need to grab your copy!


In the eBook, I’m touching on:

  • My favorite paint colors to use in rentals
  • Other options if you can’t paint
  • Gallery wall options
  • Updating ugly fixtures
  • How to ensure you get your deposit back
  • Space planning
  • Using color in apartments
  • Accessorizing
  • and more


I’m also sharing some short stories from life in my previous apartments.


If you rent, this is a must have guide.

I’ll be updating this eBook periodically, and if you purchase a copy, you’ll always get the new editions once they’re updated.


You can download the Easy Guide to Decorating Your Rental Apartment right now for just $15!

The BEST Small Space Solution for a Home Office/Dining Room

My apartment doesn’t have enough room for me to have a separate home office, so I’m forced to use my dining room as a dual space. This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have a bunch of office stuff that needed to be stored, and the desire to still have a functioning dining room. Am I asking for too much? I know it’s a small space, but I wanna be able to host small dinner parties that are fun and fab, without bumping into furniture. I’m way behind in decorating my dining room/home office, so now that I’m ready to get started, I need to get really creative with my use of space.

Need help figuring out where and how to set up your home office? Download my Space Planning eBook for free.

Here’s a view of my dining area now:

Now, this is the best looking view I have, because I WOULDN’T DARE show you the other photos. It’s a mess in here. I do so much in so little space, without having functional furniture or storage.

Trust me, the photo above is 100% better than it was before my 10 Days to an Organized Home Challenge. My main issue is trying to figure out a functional way to store my office supplies and business paperwork, while also making room for my sewing supplies, craft supplies, and fabric and floor samples for my design business. Next, I need to have enough space for a dining table that can hold 6-10 people and be large enough to stretch out long, wide-width fabrics. I would also sew on this table. (more…)

Day 9: 10 Days to an Organized Home Challenge – the Dining Room

organized dining room
We’re almost done with my 10 Days to an Organized Home Challenge, but I want to first make sure you guys are in my private Facebook group, Decor & DIY. If you aren’t, click the link to join. The “group” is a fun, non-stuffy place to share all your before and after photos. So, come check out the group – even if you just want to see what everyone else is posting.

The dining room may be the easiest room to organize, since it doesn’t usually get as much traffic as the other rooms. Or, for the same reason, you may find it even harder to organize this room, because it collects a lot of clutter, since it’s not used as often. We tend to throw things in a spot that doesn’t get seen really often. Sort of like when we clean our bedroom and just throw everything in the closet.

I know I’m not the only one that does that, right?

Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Remove items that don’t belong in the dining room
  2. Dust/clean your table and chairs
  3. Dust/clean your hutch and/or buffet
  4. Organize your hutch and/or buffet