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Do you live in New Orleans?

Want to work with me, but have been saving up for my design fee? What if I told you that you can work with me for FREE???

I’m working on a web series and want to work with you!

I’m selecting a few projects to show from start to finish via still shots and video for a new web series.

Apply below to have me come over for FREE to transform your room into one of your dreams, through DIY projects, upholstery, paint, and accessorizing. You must have a budget for any new furnishings, fabrics, paint, and tradesmen that are needed to complete your space.

This offer applies to residents in or near the New Orleans area with a budget of at least $2000. Kitchens and bathrooms are excluded. I’ll select from applicants to choose the projects that best fit my new web series. I’m only selecting 5 rooms to transform.

For my web series, I’ll be sharing before, after, progress shots and video, along with my design plan. To transform your room, I’ll work with you extensively, sharing floor plans, elevations, 3D or hand-rendered drawings, fabrics, and design boards. We’ll have lots of fun and afterwards, you’ll get to be surprised with a beautiful room!

Apply below!!

Before and After – Black and White Master Bathroom

I worked on this black and white master bath project a LONG time ago, but I’ve been sharing it on Instagram and remembered that I never shared it here on the blog. Then, my client actually moved out of her home right after we had her first install, so I never got a chance to get professional photos taken OR finish up the last couple of details. It’s a good thing I took decent(ish) photos with my phone, so I can share them with you!

Let’s start with the before photos.

black and white master bathroom | glamorous master bathroom | black and white stripes black and white master bathroom | glamorous master bathroom | black and white stripes


Gorgeous Packaging and Nature-Inspired Fragrances from the Chesapeake Bay Candle

I LOVE a home that smells good. I’m a candle hoarder and light candles all the time. I love fresh, highly fragrant scents as soon as I wake up (when I’m cleaning), and a soft, floral scent a couple hours before I go to bed.

So, since I burn candles often, I obviously like to use a natural wax, like soy. I used to make and sell candles a long time ago, so I have a lot of experience with different waxes, scents, and formulas.

chesapeake bay candle | living room decor | candle decor

Chesapeake Bay Candle sent me four highly scented soy candles in beautiful containers to review. Being a designer, and lover of fancy packaging, I love when a product’s container can be reused for cute storage. Once I’ve finished burning these candles, I’ll clean the jars and use them to plant succulents and other plants. I’ve already tried taking the clear package labels off and they were coming off easily with no residue.


One Rug, Three Different Transitional Room Designs

Remember my post from last week about beautiful statement pieces? Well, I didn’t add any rugs to that compilation, because I’ll be doing a separate round up just for beautiful statement rugs. But, just a little preview: statement rugs are an absolute MUST HAVE if you want a beautiful room, and are on my SPLURGE LIST (another upcoming post, I promise).

Persian and Oriental rugs are going to be on my SPLURGE LIST and the STATEMENT RUGS upcoming posts, so I had a lot of fun browsing through the beautiful ones of Fine Rug Collection.

traditional room | transitional living room with traditional rug | glam living room | neutral transitional living room | blue neutral living room | soft blue living room | oushak oriental rug

They reached out to me to show you guys how to style their Oushak Oriental rug and I was so excited to put them in a few mock room designs. I’ve come up with three different transitional room designs that show off this beautiful rug.


Light-filtering Roller Shades in My Mom’s Kitchen

I’ve been working on a couple projects in my mom’s home, since I’ve moved my office to one of her spare bedrooms. We had a big Christmas party at my mom’s home, so we wanted to get some updates done there before the holidays.

roller shades in a kitchen with | custom window treatments | custom roller shades When I got the opportunity to work with, I was excited to dress the windows. My mom’s kitchen is really dark, but for a couple hours a day, the windows expose the kitchen to very harsh lighting. We wanted to filter that light, but still have light come in to brighten up that space.


Gorgeous Statement Pieces for the Home that We Love to Look at, But Totally Can’t Afford

This post is gonna be all about the drool-worthy, dreamy, completely out-of-budget statement pieces that we love to look at, but will probably never own.

I know I can’t be the only one that loves a beautiful piece that you know your neighbor won’t have, right?

Statement pieces speak to your personality, whether the pieces are in a bold color, unusual style, and or crazy fun shape.


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