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5 Quick Ways to Add Color to Your Bathroom

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  1. Gabs says

    This post really made me smile! Do you have posts like this for bedrooms? I have really been looking at changing my room around and need ideas!

    • Whitney Jones says

      Hey Gabs!
      Thanks for taking a look at the blog! I’ll probably be doing a color post for bedrooms soon enough. You can check out my services page if you’d like to hire me as a decorator or if you have a specific question. I’d love to answer them for you about your bedroom. How about sending me pics?


  2. Sophia says

    I like the idea of changing out the shower curtains so things stay interesting. I am going to look for ones that are easy to get on and off. Great ideas.

    • Whitney says

      Yes, I always keep all my shower curtains that I buy. That way I can switch them out every now and then. Recently I bought a new one. I love it! But, I also love the one that’s up now. They have the same color scheme, so I’ll probably switch back and forth between these every couple of weeks. Trust me, a fresh look boosts your mood. I’m actually considering buying a solid color shower curtain to give me another one to add to my revolving door of shower curtains. 🙂


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